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Prior to discovering Youngevity, I was suffering with a lot of pain from arthritis in my shoulders, back, hips and knees. I was looking for a proven way to rebuild my bones and joints naturally, improve my declining vision, and lose 40 pounds. That's when I heard about this awesome company!

I chose Youngevity because of The "90 for Life" Message by Dr. Joe Wallach (see Step #1 Video's below) - of how it's totally possible and predictable to restore the body to total health and give it a fighting chance to live to 120 years old WITHOUT PAIN.  Listen to Step #1 video below for details.  This message will never, EVER, change. Why? It's 100% based in scientific fact.  Dr. Wallach's supplement protocols flat out work! -- for giving the body what it needs to heal itself and live strong.

So here's the deal: unless a person is getting the full 90 Essential Nutrients every single day - somehow, some way - they cannot live strong, healthy and pain free to their human genetic potential of 120 years.  They might squeak out "living" to 70, 80 or maybe 90+ years, but they'll be so jacked up with arthritis, pain, low energy, and 100 other "Medical Diagnosis" that they'll (often) pray to God "Just take me!"  Everyone on planet earth should be on the 90 For Life supplements if they want to live well.

I've been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years! Believe me, I know exactly what Modern Medicine CANNOT DO.  I see it every single day.  The Modern Medical Industry cannot heal the body from chonic disease.  It can only keep you alive (with Toxic Drugs) so the Medical Industry can keep using your body as an ATM Machine.  STOP THE INSANTIY!  

It's not rocket science. If total health and vitality is important to you, then I welcome you to YOUNGEVITY and Dr. Wallach's 90 For Life supplements - for the rest of your life.  Listen to Step #1 Video's below.  Get informed.  Don't put off becoming educated.  Avoid pain & suffering.  Start today.

You can start for as little as $19.95 as a Wholesale Customer (i.e. just like a COSTCO Membership).  Or better yet, start for just $30 with a Distributor Account as this will allow you to earn money as you share the 90 for Life Message of Dr. Joe Wallach with others. When you do this you'll start getting your products are free!   And after you start getting your products for free, you can begin to build your income to whatever amount you want, just like the folks in Step #2 (Testimonials) Below.  

Please go through the 3 Steps below.  These informational videos will change your life and give you hope for total health and vitality.  Lastly, we are always looking for new team members to help us spread Dr. Wallach's message.  If that's you, I look forward to working you.  May God bless you and your family.  Call me anytime - leave a message - I'll get back to you ASAP.   BONUS: Call today and receive a limited edition Book "The Four Year Career" while they last.

Scott Common

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 300-6256

Step #1  The 90 For Life

Without Total Health,... Your Wealth means NOTHING,

and I'm sure you would agree.  Re-gain youth starting today!

Health Seminar 1A

#1. Your Medical Doctor does not know that your body can heal itself with the 90 Essential Nutrients For Life.  The only thing he/she can do is give you pharmaceutical drugs that keep you "alive" until your body can no longer handle the toxicity - and you die.  That is not healing or health!

Health Seminar 1B

#2. Your Medical Doctor does not know that most popular and advertised foods from the Wheat, Barely, Corn, Soy, Rye, Oats, Oils and Processed / Fried (fast) Foods Industries are absolutely destroying the health of your body and killing you.  If they knew, would they tell you?

Health Seminar 2A

How The Truth Was Discovered

Health Seminar 2B

Dead Doctor's Don't Lie

Bottom Line: This is the real deal.  99% of supplements on the market today do absolutely nothing for human health, healing, and longevity.

Is Total Health


Worth Investing


$5 Per Day?

Step #2  Join Our Community!

7 Figure Earner Biz Presentation 

Denise and Tom Are OUR TEAM Leaders - And Now Yours!  (Smile)

Retirement Planning?

How Much?  How Long?

What would you do with an extra $2,000 - $10,000 per month?

But let's keep it simple, what would you do with an extra $500 to $1,500 per month?


The average American household income is just $61,372 a year.


An extra $1,500 a month (residual income) can make a huge difference for a family!


A Youngevity paycheck can mean that mom or dad does not have to work extra nights and weekends outside the home. 


How?  Get started for $30, Redirect Spend 150BV in monthly consumable products by buying from yourself.  Then locate 4 others who want to make a smart decision about their health and retirement.


After you join, you just do what everybody does and go through the Team Training.  It will show you everything!


How much money would you need to earn per month to walk away from your current job or profession?


A YOUNGEVITY Business can help you achieve total freedom to work from home - or while you travel - and grow your new global business to any monthly income you desire?


With a YOUNGEVITY Business, there are no financial income limits, glass ceilings, or any "boss" telling you that you do not qualify for a pay raise.  Just do the training, go to work with your team and earn.  That's it.  It's simple and straight forward.


With a YOUNGEVITY Business, you'll work with a TEAM of professionals and people from every background you can imagine who are making it happen.

Scott Common

Youngevity Home-based Business Developer

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 300-6256


Call anytime.  I'm here to 

help and support both customers and team members 24/7.   When you call please leave a message with your name, number and question.  I look forward to serving you.  

BONUS For First Time Callers:

I have a Gift for you!  Call me today and leave a message, I'll get right back to you, and mail you a limited edition Book "The Four Year Career" - while they last.  They're going like hotcakes. 


You'll learn: What Network Marketing really is (debunks the common myths). The power of asset and residual income ... features easy-to-grasp illustrations. The three basic activities that are key to building a business that will last. What to look for when choosing the company that is best for you. True-life, rags-to-riches stories from some of the top names in the profession. The Four Year Career® will help you master the art of the invite and build belief in the incredible wealth building opportunities of Network Marketing.


780,000 People A Year Are Being Killed

By Medical Doctor Directed Medicine

Health Seminar 3


Before I came to Youngevity I was using multiple supplements from other companies every day. Back then I had a cellular scan done which showed my biological age was 8 years older than my actual age. It also showed my Body Mass Index was 10% over what it should be and my muscle mass was under the optimal level. Last week, and having been on Youngevity products for a bit over 2 years now I had another scan done. My biological age is now 9 years younger than my actual age. My BMI is 2% under, so 12 % loss in body fat; and my muscle mass is well above what it should be. This means in a bit over 2 years on Youngevity supplements I have turned around my cellular aging by 17 years! The increased energy I've experienced has enabled me to now swim 1km 6 days a week and walk 3-5 ks most days; hence my improved muscle mass and fat loss. I'm now 60 years of age so to have a turnaround like this at an age where most people would be saying they're on a downhill run with their health is truly inspiring! Thanks to the product development team at Youngevity - you've got it nailed!!!  - Michelle G.

Audio Intro by Scott

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