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Bone & Joint Health

My Story   

Prior to discovering these simple healing solution protocols by Dr. Joe Wallach, I was suffering with severe grinding pain in my shoulders, back, hips and knees.  Life sucked!

I was looking for a proven way to rebuild my bones and joints naturally, improve my declining vision, and lose 40 pounds. That's about the time I stumbled upon the video's on this page.

I ended up becoming a Wellness Advocate with Youngevity because of The "90 for Life" Message by Dr. Joe Wallach - of how it's totally possible and predictable to restore the body to total health and give it a fighting chance to live to 120 years old WITHOUT PAIN.  Listen to videos on this page for details.  This 90 For Life message will never, EVER, change. Why? It's 100% based in scientific fact and changed lives.  Watch the video's to learn.  Dr. Wallach's supplement protocols flat out work! -- for giving the body what it needs to heal itself and live strong.  >> Here's a few testimonials <<


So here's the deal: unless a person is getting the full 90 Essential Nutrients every single day - somehow, some way - they cannot live strong, healthy and pain free to their human genetic potential of 120 years.  They might squeak out "living" to 70, 80 or maybe 90+ years, but they'll be so jacked up with arthritis, pain, low energy, and 100 other "Medical Diagnosis" that they'll (often) pray to God "Lord!,... Just take me!" 


Bottome Line: Everyone on planet earth should be on the 90 For Life supplements if they want to live well.  To understand exactly why this is so --- YOU GUESSED IT!  Watch the video's.  Or don't!...and prepare to suffer / or continue suffering.


I've been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years!  Believe me, I know exactly what Modern Medicine CANNOT DO.  I see it every single day!!!!!  The Modern Medical Industry has no desire or ABILITY (i.e. wisdom, knowledge, skill) to heal the body from chonic disease.  It can only keep you alive (with Toxic Drugs) so the Medical Doctors can keep using your body as an ATM Machine.  STOP THE INSANTIY!  


It's not rocket science folks.  Watch the videos and learn for yourself then call me to help get you started on you own path of self recovery.


If total health, longevity, and vitality is important to you, then I welcome you to 90 For Life  - for the rest of your life.  No other Naturopathic Doctor on planet earth has done so much for human health as Dr. Joe Wallach.  He's literally the Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Einstein, Musk, Steve Jobs of Human Longevity.  Everything else you may bump into on any of a million podcasts is a distant second fiddle to this Doc's basic 90 for Life message.  And Doc's formula's work!  So just stop your running around.  Get your body back into shape starting today.

Listen to Video's On This Page.  Get informed.  Don't put off becoming educated.  Avoid pain & suffering.  Life is too short.  Within the year, you can begin to DREAM BIG AGAIN!


Scott Common

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 300-6256

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The Truth Will Set You Free

And Cause You To Want To

Join The Wellness Revolution

Hospitals and Medical Doctors

are responsible for the deaths of

1,035 people a day (on average). 


Imagine the headlines every day.  


Monday - 1,035 Died Again! 


Tuesday, 1,035 Died Again! 


Wednesday 1,035 Died Again! 


Thursday 1,035 Died Again! 


Friday 1,035 Died Again! 


Saturday 1,035 Died Again! 


Sunday 1,035 Died Again! 


The numbers are so staggering as to be unbelievable.  Yet it's true.  Look it up. Do your own Google search: "Death from Medical Doctor, "properly prescribed" drugs and treatments; Medical Doctor mistakes, hospital infections, procedures, etc."  You'll have to dig but you'll find it.  Google is in fact beginning to hide these searches.


THINK ABOUT IT: The equivalent of two Jumbo Jets - EVERY SINGLE DAY -

filled with fellow Americans we love - family, friends and other human souls - is being killed by the our modern medical system - and nobody even seems to be aware of the horror - or what to do about it!  In our modern jaded society its become just another boring fact.

How sad, cruel and irresponsible is this!  Look!, WE KNOW THAT WE NEED and MUST HAVE Medical Doctors AND Drugs for 911 Calls, Emergencies, Critical Care, Intensive Care, Trauma Surgery, etc.  BUT do you really believe this current medical model jugernaut is working for total healing and health?

Did you know that 100 years ago - here in America - the Drug Companies funded and built medical universities?  Hmm!  Very interesting.  Did you know that they did this in order to secure prescription drug pushers for their toxic products?  Did you know that at that same time they paid Washington D.C. politicians to outlaw Naturopathic Medical Doctors?  Did you know that they were successful in shutting down all the Health, Healing & Wellness Competition: Doctors who used natural, safe, and non-evasive means to assist the body in the direction of healing itself?  It's all historical fact.  Again, Google is hiding the information more and more, so you may have to go to you local university library to dig up the history.

So... The Revolution is on.  Everyone is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  The old medical system of drugs is dead!  And we're now looking for volunteer total health warriors.  You'll first want to allow your temple, your body, to begin healing itself by giving it the 60 Minerals it desparately needs.  THEN, you'll be qualified to join us with belief, passion and a true sense of duty and a true sense of human familial responsibility.  

Are you ready to participate in something huge?  Something bigger, much bigger than yourself?  Are you open to changing the world?  Saving lives?  Starting with your own, then your family?


The current medical model has become a greed filled cesspool of unnecessary procedures, tests, lawyers, drugs, outlandish insurance premiums and surgeries upon surgeries that don't "heal" any condition.  And Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Drug companies don't bat an eye.  High Six Figure Earning Medical Doctors and Orthopedic Surgeons are mute.  Mult-Million Dollar Earning Insurance Company CEO's change the channel when they hear of all the death.  And dishelved Washington Politicians and Lobbyists (for all the above players), with worn out shoes, get their "cut", laugh, and ask the bartender for another Scotch.

If you're ready for the truth about how to achieve total healing and long term health watch all the videos on this page 3 times each.  At first you will be shocked in unbelief.  Then the logic and fact of it all will begin to open your eyes and heart to the truth: America is STARVING FOR NUTRITION.  The Current Medical Model Is Dead.  The Body CAN HEAL ITSELF.   And Now, Total healing and vibrant health is now a choice. 


Join the crusade!  Save your children!  Start with yourself.  Never EVER give up!  Start with the 60 Minerals from the #1 Naturopathic MD on the Planet: Dr. Joe Wallach, The Mineral Doctor, then let's meet and talk about the next step in your own personal healing and health revolution.

Go ahead and ignore this HEALING & HEALTH NEWS ALERT 
for now if you want.  But when you or your loved one is in pain and/or dying - remember this website - - watch the videos (again) then call me.


YOU CAN: LIVE LONG WITH STRENGTH and VIGOR.  Just give your body a fighting chance.  It's actually very, VERY simple.


Scott Common

(702) 300-6256

Las Vegas NV


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Exercise Without Supplementation

Is Suicide: Dead Athletes Don't Lie

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